The firm “Eftol“ has been created in 1988. Her activity is in the production and engineering of special building materials – grouts, mortars, admixtures with regulated expansion and strength and a method of non-explosive destruction of concretes rocks and other hard materials.

The Products have been created on the base of all-new solutions and their features and test-results are better than those of the best similar products of the world building practice.

The products and materials are useful in all spheres of the industrial building works, hydro-technical and hydro-melioration works and ordinary building works. Some of important object where our products have been used are:AEPC “Kozlodui”, TEPC “Maritza-East “, PEPC “Chaira”, “Oilchim” Bourgas, MOK “ Assarel – Medeth”,Metallurgic Factory ” Kremikovtzi” and many others.

Our products are environmentally clean non-organic based that’s so they are not inflammable, non-explosive, not toxic and human’s health friendly.

Our engineering part gives solutions forspecific, insoluble, till now, problems.

Due to the needs of our clients we offer a big list of “Bulproducts“ – different bonding materials, compound, admixtures etc.  They are cement based, with high effective modifying components, which are also non-organic silicate based. They do not contain chloride or other damaging, for concrete or steel, components. That’s why they are suitable for different reinforced and non-reinforced constructions and products. These components create strong alkalinesurrounding, which prevent the steel from corrosion.  Our cements are with purposefully regulation of the expansion, in wide interval, from compensating of set to strong self-pressing, attended by compaction (thickening) and guarantied water-resistance,  breakage-resistance, freeze-resistance of the cement stone. These features ensure stability and long-life of the cured grout and concrete, and fixed within reinforcement and steel parts of the constriction, from aggressiveoutside influence.  The absence of polymer bondingmaterials is an extra guarantee for the long life of the products and allows our firm to take high guarantees.

 Produced from us non-explosive destruction compound “Bulad” is with not known till now wide technological possibilities and high expansion pressure, which causes destruction.  It runs quiet, without seismic and acousticinfluences, without dust, flying parts and damage of the environment. That’s why it is dropped off the necessity of complicated regime for work with explosives-stopping the works, turning off the electricity, evacuating of the people and techniques and machines.

 During the application of the materials must be observed the weather conditions like the works with ordinary grouts, mortars and concrete.